Juno’s first show – and a very big ribbon!

Juno’s first show – and a very big ribbon!

For Juno’s first show I had one clear goal – for her to stay calm, and not be phased by hundreds of horses and riders. She managed to exceed my expectations by quite a bit!

Juno was so brave, competing fairly calmly in the Green Horse class in the morning and then in the afternoon in the 40-55cm jump class. We ended up with a neck full of ribbons and a large pale mauve Reserve Champion for her class. Ribbon days are made for winning ribbons, but still an impressive achievement for a young girl on her first outing. 

Amazingly, we also met her half brother Chester, also by Lightning McQueen, and he took home a fair neck-full of ribbons as well. Who says quarterhorses don’t jump!

A highlight was when a corflute sign blew across the arena causing the horses to spin and rear – but on landing, Juno walked determinedly towards it and followed as it was carried out. I had to ask the helpers to let her sniff it, then she turned and walked calmly back to the others. Apparently this is what we do when a canvas or sign behaves in a challenging manner. Follow, sniff, ignore!


Update - It seems she likes those big mauve Res Champ ribbons - this is from 2020

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