Light Horse Adventures, Glenorchy

Light Horse Adventures, Glenorchy

With lovely hand-picked, naturally trained and quality bred horses and a team of guides with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Natural Horsemanship, Light Horse Adventures offer amazing horse treks for riders of all levels.

Their ethos is all about the horses and their welfare; they believe happy horses leads to safer and more enjoyable trekking experiences for both the rider and the horse. The horse trekking business has invested in boots for their horses to comfortably go barefoot, natural horsemanship saddles, and bitless rope halters instead of bridles.

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I've ridden here! 

I love the ethos of this trail riding business! Their horses are happy and healthy, they use Parelli Principles, their horses wear hoofboots and bitless horsemanship halters. See my video.

Before your ride you can expect a chance to introduce yourself to your horse, do a few horsemanship exercises to help create a connection - and throughout the ride you will learn heaps about horses, and the BEAUTIFUL area you are riding through!

My partner for the ride was lovely Viking, a very thoughtful and wise gent, and I really liked having the chance to offer him a wee moment to get to know me before we mounted up, and again to say thank you and goodbye. He was very gracious.

This was such a friendly group of people from Australia and USA and our fabulous guide Indigo was great fun and full of cool information.

I first rode a horse on the Dart River when I was 9… it bolted along the riverbank and I thought getting to gallop was great!! This was a very different experience 😂😅 and I cant recommend it enough.

Thanks everyone at @lighthorseadventures I hope to be back soon!

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