Muriwai Beach Horse Treks

Muriwai Beach Horse Treks

If you’ve never been horse trekking before, you need to give it a go. It’s an amazing experience and one that keeps you coming back again. This trail riding spot is lucky enough to trek along the picturesque black sand beach of Muriwai, and through the enchanting Woodhill forest. 

At MBHT they have 3 main focuses, Happy Horses, Happy Customers and Happy Staff! Have a look around their website to see how they maintain optimal horse health, connect with our clients and provide an exceptional environment for all involved.

They are a great horse riding location near Auckland.

Muriwai Beach Horse Treks have a range of treks from 2 hour advanced rider to walk only. 

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If you’ve seen a video of me galloping down a black sand beach and thought "I want to ride there" – this is your chance! These trails are fantastic - The guides are friendly and fun, and they have a lot of lovely horses including big gentle Clydesdales.

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