Wanaka Horse Trekking

Wanaka Horse Trekking

Photo BRV Creative.

With a range of trail rides suited to every ability, Wanaka Horse Trekking has an experience for every rider. Whether you’re looking to take in the scenery at a slow pace, or really let loose and feel the wind in your hair, there really is something for everyone.

With years of experience in the New Zealand backcountry, the seasoned guides ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your adventure, matching you with your most suitable mount, and providing a lesson before heading out to make sure you feel completely comfortable with your horse - and their buttons!

Their horses are a joy to ride for english and western riders alike - forward going, soft, and responsive enough to be ridden on a loose rein. 

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I've ridden here!

@wanakahorsetrekking is one to follow - my long time insta-friend Sam has created a trekking operation based on natural horsemanship principles, based in a jaw dropping location - Lake Wanaka and snowy mountains provide postcard perfect views throughout the ride.

Even as a Kiwi I was blown away. Thanks Sam, for having me along and trusting me with your gentle giant, Captain. I was super glad that I earned a hug from him when we got off! See my video here.


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